Methow River

The Methow River located in the North Central part of Washington State is a unique fishery with quality trout during the summer and a strong Steelhead population in the fall. The Methow is a beautiful gem of a river, that we feel lucky to experience and fish on a regular basis.

The Trout Season
The Methow River is a quality trout fishery for Westslope Cutthroat Trout and Rainbow Trout. Because of snow melt, the Methow typically is not in fishing shape until the end of June or early July. It can be solid summer dry fly fishing when the grasshoppers and other terrestrials are at their peak. Many of the trout on the Methow River are in the 12 inch range, but there is opportunity for much larger trout.

It has been common in the past for the Methow to close in early fall due to the presence of steelhead. If you’re looking for prime-time trout fishing on the Methow, the middle of July towards the end of August is when to go.

The Steelhead Season
The steelhead season opening on the Methow River is depended on the number of wild and hatchery steelhead that pass over Wells Dam. In years past, the season usually starts during the first week of October and ends by March 31.

During the steelhead season we use different techniques, from swinging flies with a Spey, Switch or Single hand rod to nymphing. We typically float the Methow in fly fishing rafts for the steelhead season. This is a very productive way to fish the Methow even when it is low. With the raft, we’ll fish water that most people have difficulties accessing on foot.

Rates and Availability
Trout and Steelhead Fly Fishing trips

  • $495 plus tax (one or two anglers)
  • All fly fishing supplies, lunch and beverages
  • Trout booking begin in July
  • You will need a Washington fishing license, Steelhead trips you will need a Steelhead punch card with Columbia River endorsement.
  • Steelhead booking begin in the second week in October.
    Adjustments may be necessary dependent on the season opening date.