2011 Reports

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Yakima River Fly Fishing Report

December 7, 2011

Ascension Bay, Mexico 2012– $2495.00 includes 7 nights lodging and 6 days guided fly fishing. Why is our trip $300 more than other offerings out there? Simple,  1 extra night and 1 extra day of fishing. From our experience this is the perfect length for the trip. March and April are the best months to go down to Ascension Bay, better weather and fishing! Permit, Tarpon, Bonefish, Snook, Cuda. A few spots still available in the March 17-24 and 24-31 weeks.

Troutwater Photos – We posted a Year in Review on our Facebook Page.

Fly Fishing Shows – We are attending the Tri-Cities Show, Puyallup Show and Portland show this year. We will be doing Fly Tying demos, Destination Theater and Seminars. Look us up at the shows.

Local Fly Shops – Please support your local fly shops this holiday season!

Yakima River – Sunny and Beautiful weather over here! Good winter time fishing, mostly small nymphs but dry fly fishing can be had. The size of the nymph makes a huge difference right now sz. 18-20. You don’t have to nymph very deep and stay in the slower water. We suggest switching to a poly indictor and using a supple mono tippet. If you need help setting up your winter gear stop by the shops, we are happy to help.

Steelhead – Klickitat is closed for the season but the Wenatchee and Methow continue to fish. We have been running trips on both over the past week. Fishing has slowed down but still finding fish daily.

Happy Hoildays!

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November 29, 2011

Gift Ideas for the Holidays – Having a hard time finding a gift for the fly fisher in your life, Troutwater Gift Card to the rescue! Give us a call at either shop or stop by for gift ideas.

Congratulations to Troutwater Guides Scott Wilson and Shane Merritt. Scott and Shane both recently proposed to their long time girlfriends and both said YES. Good luck to Mandy and Samantha!

Yakima River – Fishing and the weather have been really good lately. Keep an eye on the forecast and head over when it looks favorable. We are still running trips and love having the river to ourselves. Fish the medium to slow water using small nymphs – Black, Red, Copper, Silver, Purple, Blue sz. 18-20. Only catching white fish you are fishing too deep. There are fishing rising to small midge dry patterns.

Klickitat River – Ted and Johnny were down there yesterday and the only other boat we ran into were friends Dan and Chante. Both boats had a great day. Great weather, great fishing and very hot fresh fish! The Klickitat closes on Wednesday, you only have a couple of days left in the season.

Methow River – With the great weather we are having, fishing has picked up a little. Our friend Keith Roe is reporting decent fishing and nice weather. Nymphing, Swinging or Bobber/Jig. Oh yeah the dirty little bobber and jig.

Wenatchee River – We haven’t fished it in the past week or so, it was fishing pretty good. We would imagine with the way everything else is fishing right now, the Wenatchee would have to be also.

Happy Hoildays,

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Winter Shop Hours

Monday-Saturday 8:30am – 5:30pm
Sunday 8:30am – 1:00pm

November 14, 2011

Cle Elum and Ellensburg Shop will be closed Wednesday Nov. 16 and Thursday Nov. 17. We are having our year end guide party out on the Grande Ronde and want to take everyone with us, so the shops will be closed. We will be staying at Boggans, if you are out on the Grande Ronde stop by, grab a beer, and BS with us.

I guess our last report ruffled some feathers with our Troutwater Guarantee. We are sorry if our comments upset any specific individual. It was not directed at a person but at the responsibility of the different Outfitters. In our opinion, it is the Outfitters responsibility to put customers out on the different rivers with quality, professional and trained guides. It is assumed by the general public that when they pay the guide fee for the day they are receiving a professional guide, as advertised on everyone’s website. If this is compromised it affects everyone and all the outfitters guiding in a certain area. We want everyone to come out and have a safe, fun, successful, educational time on the river with everyone not just our guides! We are absolutely 100% committed to making this happen and apologize if all the Outfitters are not on board with this philosophy. We stand behind our comments and guarantee!

November 7, 2011

Winter Shop Hours Ellensburg and Cle Elum:

Monday-Saturday 8:30am – 5:30pm
Sunday 8:30am – 1:00pm

Winter Prices – November thru February 2012

$275 Yakima River – 4-5 hours of fishing, hot lunch, flies and all the fishing supplies needed for a successful day on the river.

$350 Wenatchee River – 4-5 hours of steelhead fishing, hot lunch, flies and all the fishing supplies needed for a successful day on the river.

$475 Klickitat and Methow Rivers – 8+ hours of steelhead fishing, flies and all the fishing supplies needed for a successful day on the river.

Troutwater Guarantee – Even though we adjust our pricing for winter fishing, colder temps and shorter days are the reason for the reduced rates. We promise you are going to get the same great professional guides we have out every day. Just because the rate is reduced doesn’t mean the service or quality is reduced as well. We take guiding very seriously and will not stick you out on the river with any newbies, part timers, high schoolers or anything in between. Our guides know the different rivers and aren’t going to sink their boats or put you in dangerous situation because of a lack of expertise. Some of the stuff we see out on the river is embarrassing to us and the profession. We promise you will have a fun, successful and educational day on the river. Give us a try this winter and see the difference for yourself.

Yakima, Methow, Wenatchee and Klickitat are all fishing well.

5:00pm Monday Night Football and Fly Tying is happening in the Ellensburg Shop, stop by and see us!

Thank You!

Troutwater Fly Shop
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October 13, 2011

Great time of the year in Central and Eastern Washington! Quick fishing report, we are slammed and loving it. Monday Night Football and Fly Tying will start October 17th in the Ellensburg shop. Bring your fly tying box and beverages!

Yakima River – Fishing really well! October Caddis and BWO’s, nymphs and dries. Kinda strange seeing Scott Wilson on the Yak this time of the year but with his heavy school load home it is. Everybody is spread all over the state and the Yakima is not crowded and fishing.

Klickitat River – Jason, Jim and Shane have been doing really well. Conditions have been changing daily, give us a call for river conditions and flies.

Wenatchee River – Randy and YT have been fishing it. Same story good fishing and changing daily conditions. Give the shops a call for details.

Methow River – Johnny and Ted have been at the camp since opening day. Camp host’s TJ and Devon Zandoli are running an amazing camp. We will have our camp up until about Thanksgiving. Methow is fishing well – swinging, skating and nymphing! If you’re up on the Methow stop by and see us.

Shops are stocked and ready to help you prepare for your day on the river. Nate is in Ellensburg and Christy up in Cle Elum, give them a call with any questions. Johnny, Jason, Scott, Randy, YT, Jim, Shane and Ted are on the river daily!

Thank you!

Troutwater Fly Shop
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Sept 27, 2011

Methow River and Wenatchee River– Opening tomorrow Sept 28 for Steelhead!

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091
September 27, 2011
Contact: Jeff Korth, (509) 754-4624 ext. 224
Upper Columbia, several other rivers
to open for hatchery steelhead fishing
OLYMPIA – Starting Wednesday (Sept. 28), the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) will open a selective fishery for hatchery steelhead on the upper Columbia River above Rock Island Dam, and on the Wenatchee, Icicle, Entiat, Methow, and Okanogan rivers.
Salmon fishing will also reopen Wednesday from Wells Dam to Brewster, and the Similkameen River will open to hatchery steelhead retention beginning Nov 1.
The steelhead fisheries will remain open until further notice, while the salmon fishery will run through Oct. 15.
Jeff Korth, regional WDFW fish manager, said approximately 18,000 adult steelhead are expected to return to the upper Columbia River this year – enough to allow the department to open area steelhead fisheries for the eighth straight season.
However, both wild and hatchery-reared fish are expected to return in significantly lower numbers than in the past two years, requiring additional constraints on those fisheries.
“Allowable impacts on wild steelhead will be tighter this year, so we may have to close earlier than in the past two seasons,” Korth said. Three areas of the Columbia River – Vernita, Priest Rapids and Wanapum – will not open at all for steelhead fishing this fall.
Steelhead fisheries are carefully managed to protect naturally spawning steelhead listed under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA). Korth said WDFW will closely monitor the fisheries and enforce fishing rules to protect wild steelhead.
The daily limit on all rivers is two hatchery steelhead, marked with a clipped adipose fin and measuring at least 20 inches in length. Any steelhead with an intact adipose fin must be released unharmed and must not be removed from the water. Anglers must also release any steelhead with one or more round holes punched in their tail fin.

Like last year, anglers must retain any legal hatchery steelhead they catch until they reach their daily limit of two fish. Once they have retained two fish, they must stop fishing for steelhead.
“These selective steelhead fisheries are specifically designed to help maintain a high proportion of wild steelhead on the spawning grounds and enhance recovery of the region’s wild steelhead,” Korth said. “Anglers can play an important role in that effort by removing hatchery fish above the number needed to meet spawning goals.”
Selective gear rules apply to all areas where steelhead seasons are open, except that bait may be used on the mainstem Columbia River. All anglers are required to follow steelhead gear rules and restrictions described in WDFW’s Fishing in Washington pamphlet, available online at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/regulations/ .
Anglers should also be aware that motorized vessels are not allowed on the Wenatchee or Icicle rivers under Chelan County ordinances.
In the chinook salmon fishery between Wells Dam and the Highway 173 Bridge in Brewster, anglers will have a six-fish daily limit, which can include up to three adult chinook, only one of which can be a wild fish. The salmon fishery has been closed since Aug. 31 to protect wild steelhead until managers were sure there would be sufficient numbers of steelhead to open the season.
Areas that will open to fishing for hatchery steelhead Sept. 28 include:

  • Mainstem Columbia River: From Rock Island Dam to 400 feet below Chief Joseph Dam. Night closure and selective gear rules apply, except bait is allowed.
  • Wenatchee River: From the mouth to the Icicle River Road Bridge, including the Icicle River from the mouth to 500 feet downstream of the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery Barrier Dam. Night closure and selective gear rules apply. Motorized vessels are not allowed.
  • Entiat River: Upstream from the Alternate Highway 97 Bridge, near the mouth of the Entiat River to 800 feet downstream of the Entiat National Fish Hatchery outfall. Night closure and selective gear rules apply.
  • Methow River: From the mouth to the confluence with the Chewuch River in Winthrop.  Fishing from a floating device is prohibited from the second powerline crossing to the first Hwy 153 Bridge.  Night closure and selective gear rules apply.
  • Okanogan River: From the mouth upstream to the Highway 97 Bridge in Oroville. Night closure and selective gear rules apply.

On the Similkameen River, which opens for hatchery steelhead Nov. 1, the fishery will extend from the mouth of the river to 400 below Enloe Dam. Night closure and selective gear rules apply.
All anglers must possess a valid fishing license and a Columbia River Salmon/Steelhead Endorsement to participate in these fisheries. Revenue from the endorsement supports salmon or steelhead seasons on many rivers in the Columbia River system, including enforcing fishery regulations and monitoring the upper Columbia River steelhead fisheries. The endorsement has generated more than $1 million annually for WDFW to maintain and increase fishing opportunities throughout the Columbia River Basin.


Sept. 22, 2011

What? It’s only been 10 days since our last report. Current turn times are approximately 2 weeks so I’m actually early on this one, you’re welcome!

***Main Channel below the East Cle Elum (State) boat launch is open***
***Blockage at the little diversion KOA-Irene has finally been removed***
***Irene to Ringer is low and has several obstacles to move around, be careful***

Yakima River Report – Fishing has been solid throughout. Flip – Flop is in full swing and the river is in perfect shape for wade fishing. The entire system is low and clear. Good to Gooder dry fly fishing and very good nymphing. October Caddis, Summer Stones, BWO’s has been the main food supply. Nymph smaller stuff and you will be rewarded.

Klickitat River Report – Past few days we have seen a little bit of everything. Clarity has improved and so has the fishing. Multiple hook-ups daily! Stoneflies, October Caddis and Egg Patterns.

Methow River Report – We are setting up our Steelhead Camp on Sunday/Monday!!!  We are booking up very fast. The Methow River IS NOT currently open for steelhead, YET!

Give us a call or stop by either shop for honest advice, shuttles, guide trips or football scores.

Thank you!

Troutwater Fly Shop
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Sept. 12, 2011

We’re having a heat wave, tropical heat wave…Can’t get the song out of my head the past 2 weeks. Man it’s been nice out. Looks like today is the last really hot day for awhile, back to normal temps this week. Fishing has been really good, dries and nymphs. Lots of bugs out and big fish looking to feed. They know Fall is coming quickly and it’s time to eat. Look at these Yakima River flows:

Cle Elum – 1560 cfs and dropping
Ellensburg – 460 cfs and dropping
Umtanum – 1625 cfs and dropping

Been thinking about doing a little wade fishing? Now is the time! Thinking about Steelhead it’s about to happen with a cooling trend on the way! Give the shops a call for advice on flies, where to fish, shuttles or guide service.

Thank you,

Troutwater Fly Shop
509.674.2144 Cle Elum
509.962.3474 Ellensburg


Sept 8, 2011

Fall Shop Hours for Cle Elum and Ellensburg:

Monday-Thursday 8:00-5:30pm
Friday-Saturday 7:30-5:30pm
Sunday 7:30-5:30pm

Great Fishing, pretty much everywhere! Monday Night Football, Beers and Fly Tying firing up soon at the Ellensburg Shop. What else is going on, not much…Shane almost drove his truck into the river backing down at South Cle Elum, Jim got a really fancy haircut, Johnny went on vacation for 4 days, YT is getting married he’s kinda freaking out so be nice to him, Scott is heading back to school to get a masters degree don’t worry he’s still guiding too, Jason showed up for 2 guide trips in a row on time, Super Randy has been promoted to Super Duper Randy he ran 43 trips the last pay period, Ted took his family Sapphire mining in Montana but didn’t hit the glory hole so back to work. That’s all we got!

Have a great weekend, come out and see us!

Troutwater Fly Shop
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Aug 31, 2011

Have a great and safe Labor Day Weekend!

Fishing has remained solid and the flip flop has started, water is on the way down. Trout and Steelhead are moving around. Big dries stones and hoppers continue to produce. Almost time for some wade fishing. Stop by the shops for help with flies, shuttles or advice.

Ellensburg and Cle Elum Shop Hours for the Weekend:
Friday                    7:30am – 7:00pm
Saturday              7:30am – 7:00pm
Sunday                 7:30am – 2:00pm
Monday               Closed – Family Day

Troutwater Fly Shop
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Aug 27, 2011

Having too much fun this week! Great weather, fun, friends, cold beers! We love late summer, early fall. So obviously we aren’t very good at keeping the website updated this time of the year. What have we been doing, nothing crazy just fishing. Where have we been this week? Methow, Klickitat, Yakima and a few spots in between. Do you ever feel really lucky to be alive, that’s the week we’re having. Just happy to be alive, enjoying the summer with our favorite people, doing our favorite thing.

Yakima River – Good big dry fly fishing, hoppers and stones.

Methow River – Good big dry fly fishing, hoppers and stones. We hosted a group this week at our overnight camp and it’s was a blast. Thank you again for an amazing time. Great week, weather, fishing, food, cocktails all while sleeping under the stars!

Klickitat River – Not yet, soon but not yet. Yeah we’re hooking fish but not yet. Just not happening yet. Despite reports, not happening yet. Just not yet, hopefully they get there soon.

Spots in Between – Good stuff. Great time of the year to get out there and explore some new water. Stop by the shops and we’ll send you in the right direction.

Thank you!

Troutwater Fly Shop
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Aug 18, 2011

Has it really been a week and a half since we updated the fishing report? Aug 8 was the last report, man time flies when you’re fishing. Sorry, we’ll try to do a better job. Thank you to everyone who calls the shops for updated reports, advice and shuttles despite the lack of a recent fishing report.

Yakima River – Keeps putting out nice fish daily! Dry fly fishing has been  good early and late using hopper and stonefly patterns. Late in the day for those big picky trout try a caddis adult or emerger behind a hopper or stonefly. Big Dries with a small bead head dropper is catching fish during the day. A full nymph rig in the riffles has been automatic during the high sun hours.

Methow River –  Good big dry trout fishing! Using hopper and stonefly patterns. We haven’t been nymphing much lately, tough to get away from dry fly fishing. Can’t wait for the steelhead to start showing up. We will be setting up our trout and steelhead camp beginning the first week in September. Running overnight trout camp until steelhead season opens. We are setting up the camp little different this year, you’re going to love it! Call the shops for details and pricing.

Klickitat River – Fishing and catching has started to pick up. There isn’t a ton of steelhead in the system yet, but changing daily. Fish counts over Bonneville Dam have been solid over the past few weeks. Stoneflies, Egg Sucking leeches and egg patterns under a bobber have hit fish this week.

Give us a call for updated reports, shuttles, booking trips and advice!

Troutwater Fly Shop
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Aug 8, 2011

Man, what a fun weekend of fishing! Great weather, good people, big laughs and good fishing. Dry Flies during the low light hours and nymphing during the high sun hours. Both dries and nymphs have been producing nice fish. Steelhead Season is coming up quick and the calendar is filling up. We will be running trips on the Klickitat, Methow, Wenatchee and Grande Rhonde once they all open. We are also currently running trout trips on the Methow. If you are looking to have a great time on the river give us a call!

Dry Flies to try for the upcoming week:
Stoneflies and Hoopers
Chubbies – Tan, Red, Purple, Pink – sz. 6-12
Mutant Stones – Red, Tan – sz. 6-10
Troutwater Glomers – Tan, Purple, Green, Red, Black – sz. 6-10
Fat Boy – Tan – sz. 6-8
Hoopers – Tan, Yellow, White, Peach – sz. 8-12

We are having a great summer and really appreciate everyone’s support!

Thanks Again,
Troutwater Fly Shop
509.962.3474 Ellensburg
509.674.2144 Cle Elum

August 6, 2011

Great day yesterday, we had the HOPPERFEST crew out. Ric Jones, Brett and Johnny were unsuccessful in defending their title. Brad, Brett and Jason took the title this year! Steve, Mike and Ted took home the big brown honorable mention ribbon. But they got an “A” for effort and they saw 2 turkeys.  A big thanks to all the guys for coming out and throwing hoppers all day.

Been busy over here and sunny and stuff…Captain Roo won’t stop talking to me right now, can’t think…now he’s moving stuff around the shop. I’m not a very strong multi-tasker. What was I doing?

Top Secret Guide Tip: Big Dries early and late, nymph during the high sun hours.

Give us a call, happy to help!

Troutwater Fly Shop
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August 2, 2011

Hahaha! Fishing!

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July 22, 2011

Big fun in Cle Elum this weekend! Pork in the Pines BBQ Championship, Street Ball Tourney and great weather. Oh Yeah, the fishing has been really good too!

River Report – Good to Gooder Fishing?! Dry Flies, Nymphs, Streamers all producing from Easton to Roza.

Flies – Come check out all the new hoppers in the Ellensburg Shop just in time for Hopperfest 2011! What’s Hopperfest 2011? Probably the greatest fly fishing tourney ever! We have flies with names like: Mohawk, T-Murder, Charlie Boy, T-Dub or Troutwater, Drowned Hopper, Drunken Hopper, Flopper, Streambank, Sweetgrass. Just to name a few, gotta have fun right? Let do this!

Troutwater Fly Shop
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July 20, 2011

Just another great day on the Yakima, a little cool and cloudy upriver, sunshine in the farmlands and lower canyon. Bugs were out and dry flies were being thrown. Big fish were on the hunt in the afternoon. Try throwing BIG DRIES, just give it a chance. Follow the seams, river is low and clear and it still isn’t a 100% bank game yet.

Troutwater Fly Shop
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July 18, 2011

Great fishing on the Yakima River right now! We are experiencing some of the best dry fly fishing of the season so far. All the other rivers out here are dropping into floatable and fishing shape. Let us know if you want to try something different, we have options. Steelhead season isn’t very far off, we are starting to take bookings for the Methow, Klickitat, Grande Rhonde and Wenatchee. Probably start running trips on the Klickitat in August.

Flies to try? Check out the list from the previous post nothing has changed, BIG DRIES!

Troutwater Fly Shop
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July 15, 2011

We didn’t jinx it! Fishing and river conditions have remained really good. The flows are actually low for this time of the year. When you are out on the river think spring or fall, that’s where the fish are. We were down in the canyon late on Weds night and fishing was pretty good. Upper River yesterday with the same nice results. Big Dries behind boulders and following the seam lines. It isn’t really a tight to the bank game right now, not enough water. Follow the water, if it pushes in go in, if it bounce back out follow it out. Dry fly only the past few days with good results. Have to have patience to go dry fly only, but if you do you will be rewarded. Fish like flies with a little movement right now, doesn’t have to be a dead drift. It’s the time of the year where the fish are starting to move into the cooler more oxygenated water, the riffley, bouncing, juicy stuff!

Flies we’ve been using: We have been asked to give actually patterns, not just the generic lightning bug and pats stone story. So here you go!

JB’s Glomer, sz. 8-10
Chubbies, Any Color, sz. 6-10
CFO Ants, Tan or Yellow, sz. 8-10
PMX, Royal or Peacock, sz. 8-12
Royal Wulff sz. 8-10
Bullet Head Stone, Yellow, sz. 10
Flopper, Tan, sz. 8 or 10
Streambank Hopper, Yellow or Tan, sz. 6-8
Troutwater Hopper, White, sz. 10-12
Stonehopper, Yellow, sz 8-10
Yellow Sallies sz. 12 or 14
EC Caddis Tan sz. 12,14
Headlight Caddis Tan sz. 16,18
X-Caddis Tan, Olive sz. 14,16
CDC Caddis Emerger Tan sz. 14,16,18
Egg Laying Caddis Black sz. 12,14,16
Later Skater Tan sz. 14,16
PMD’s Yellow sz. 12,14,16

Pats Stone Tan, Brown, Blk/Brn sz. 6-10
Bubble Back PMD sz. 12-14
BH PMD, sz. 14-18
Bubble Back BWO sz. 16-18
Good & Plenty sz. 14-16
Lightning Bug Red, Pearl, Silver, Purple sz. 14-18
Prince sz. 14-18
Halo Prince Purple, Red, Blue sz. 12-16
Copper John Copper, Red, Chart, Green, Black sz. 12-18
Hungarian Caddis Pupa sz. 16,18
Psycho Prince, Blue, Purple or Yellow, sz. 14
BH FB Pheasant Tails, sz. 10-18
Rainbow Warrior, Black, Pearl or Red, sz. 16-18
20 Incher, Peacock, sz. 8-12

Troutwater Fly Shop
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509.674.2144 Cle Elum

July 11, 2011

River Report: We haven’t posted in a while because we didn’t want to jinx it! The fishing and river have been in great shape the past 2 weeks. Looks like more of the same this week. Great weather and water in the forecast for the upcoming week and weekend. All the Central and Eastern Washington rivers are dropping and almost everything is fishable. Steelhead season is coming up quick! We can’t believe the current river flows on the Yakima, even if they bump it up this week we will still be in great shape:

Cle Elum = 2480 cfs
Ellensburg = 1690 cfs
Lower Canyon = 2829 cfs

Flies we have been fishing:
Dry Flies: Stoneflies, Yellow Sallies, Green Drakes, Caddis and PMDs
Nymphs: Pat  Stones, Princes, Lightning Bugs, Pheasant Tails, PMDs

Give us a call or stop by either shop for advice and updated river conditions!

Troutwater Fly Shops
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Cle Elum              509.674.2144

July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July weekend!

We can’t believe its July already, we are finally getting some nice July weather over here. Fishing the past couple of days has turned back into, well fishing? Meaning some runs have been putting out fish and not others. Some sections of the river have been fishing better than others. But that’s fishing. The water is on the way back down and we have great weather in the forecast. We expect the fishing to pick up throughout the system this weekend. Dry’s and Nymph’s have both produced fish equally over the past few days. Golden Stones, PMDs, Caddis, Yellow Sallies… oh my!

We are planning on closing the shops on Monday July 4th and take a family day. Spend some time with the kids, go eat hot dogs, drink some beer and watch the fireworks!

Troutwater Fly Shop
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June 27, 2011

Great fishing this weekend, everywhere!

Thank you.

Troutwater Fly Shop
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509.674.2144 Cle Elum

June 23, 2011

Fishing has been good the past few days – Golden Stones, PMD’s, Yellow Sallies and Caddis. We have experienced some good dry fly fishing lately. Streamers and nymphing remain consistent. We are currently receiving another push of water, prediction charts have it peeking today and then settling down for the weekend. Even with this latest push of water the clarity has remained good and we are running trips daily. Yesterday we had boats out trout fishing on the Yakima, Springer fishing on the Lower Yakima and bass fishing out at some Basin Lakes. The information and rumor mill has gone crazy this spring with a lot of false info out there due to the media, blogs and fly shops. We were at a fly club the other night and they were under the impression the Yakima would not be fishing until August?? We are not flooding and the river is fishing better than most in the West. Don’t buy into the hype and rumors, many anglers have missed out on some of the best fishing of the year due to this. Please give us a call at either shop and we promise to give it to you straight, good or bad.

Troutwater Fly Shop
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June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers Day weekend! Summer is almost here, the Mariners are playing good baseball, the farmers markets are in full swing, the valley is about to get there first cut of hay, Ellensburg looks to hit 80 next week. Finally! We have great water and the trout are eating. After 5-6 days of the Yakima River dropping the fish have settled in. Golden Stones, Caddis and PMD’s – Nymphs and Dries.

Heading over, give us a call or stop by either shop:
Your Secret is safe with us!
509.674.2144 Cle Elum
509.962.3474 Ellensburg

June 14, 2011

River is dropping, weather is beautiful, trout are feeding, calendar is filing up, and our new boats are on the way, feels like summer. THANK YOU TO THE WATER GODS! Even if it’s only like this for a week Thank You!

Yakima fished really well yesterday, what a difference a day makes. We had boats up river and reports were good. Dry flies, streamers and nymphs. Johnny’s shoulder finally popped back into its socket with the river on a hard drop. Jim needs a haircut really bad, first person who has a guide trip with Jim and tells him to cut his hair gets a Troutwater hat!

Troutwater Fly Shop & Guide Service
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June 13, 2011

Beautiful day yesterday so decided to go for it and put 4 boats out. We spread out from South Cle Elum to Roza with mixed bag of results. The Upper River is fishing better than the Lower Canyon right now but it’s the most difficult to row and wade. The Lower Canyon didn’t fish well at all yesterday! The river is currently dropping and the predication charts have it as the continuing trend this week. Please, Please, Please drop the water, make it stop! Fishing should pick up throughout the system if this is the trend.

Some nice hatches over the past few days, mostly during the day: Caddis, PMD’s, Golden Stones and San Juan Worms. Crazy thing is the evening hatch has been nonexistent, almost like they never happened. Last week the caddis were popping big every night. Oh well one day here and next day gone.  We did turn a few fish on dries but not as consistently as we would like. Mostly a nymph game with the high flows.

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June 11, 2011

We can’t take it anymore, we’re fishing today. The Yakima River and the entire Western United States are going to have high water this summer, better just get use to it. It’s a beautiful sunny day, the valley and canyon are still green, birds are working the water. We’re fishing today!

The Upper River has good clarity, Farmlands and Lower Canyon are fishable. Unless you know the farmlands like the back of your hand, we recommend staying out! This is a very dangerous stretch right now and for the foreseeable future. We can’t stress this enough, Please stay out of the Farmlands! Also if you are floating the Upper or Lower river please be careful where you are dropping your anchor. There are plenty of soft corners to stop in and take a break. We will post photos and reports in the next couple of days.

Give us a call if you are heading over:
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June 7, 2011

The past week we have seen a little bit of everything. From perfect water to rising water, great fishing to tough fishing, huge Caddis hatches to well huge Caddis hatches. Johnny and I (Ted) went out Friday night and fished the lower canyon for a couple of hours, had great fishing. The next day we ran guide trips in the canyon not so great fishing. The past few days the river has been on a steady rise. Most of the creeks and the Teanaway are running fairly clear and the Yakima River above Thorp is fishing. We would consider the Farmlands and Lower Canyon to be temporally out of shape. If you do go fishing in the Upper portions of the Yakima River, be careful the river is cooking. Please stop by the Cle Elum shop to get current river conditions. This shouldn’t last long and the Farmlands and Lower Canyon should be fishing by the weekend.

What else is going on? Shane has been running Springer trips on the lower Yakima and hooking several every day. Jim has a group down in Baja, fishing for Roosters. Scott left for Montana, he will be running trips for Sunrise Fly Shop for the next 5-6 weeks. Johnny, Jason, Shane, Randy and Ted have been running trips on the Yakima and keeping the doors open. YT finally came home, back from fishing the Missouri @ 12,000+ CFS, running nymph rigs 12+ ft deep with 3 BB’s. Pretty sure the high water follows YT?

If you want to fish for Springers, head out to Montana or fly fishing for Carp/Bass give us a call we have an option for you.

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May 31, 2011

River Report: The past 3 days we have been guiding the Farmlands and Upper Yakima River, the river is in great shape. We haven’t personally fished the Lower Canyon yet but have had good reports coming in from shop clients. Normal Summertime flows, be careful where you drop your anchor. The fish are moving around fish it all! Good fishing! We are running shuttle from Cle Elum to Roza, give us a call, stop by the shops, grab a cup of coffee, check out the flies and go fishing.  If anyone runs into Ryan White out on the Missouri River Montana tell him to head home, the Yakima is in shape. He won’t answer his phone and we need him back!

South Cle Elum to State (East Cle Elum) – no new hazards, State to Diversion – Below the State boat launch is still nasty we don’t recommend floating it,  KOA to Irene – Still has the blockage at the little diversion dam. We consider it not floatable, Irene to Ringer – has many new tight spots, so keep your eyes open. This is the most demanding section to row right now. Ringer to Roza – No new hazards to worry about.

What We’ve Been Using: Here what we have been using the past few days and see it staying the same for awhile. Stoneflies, Caddis, March Browns and PMD’s. Nymphing has been very consistent and the dry fly fishing is producing fish. Flies to try: Pats Stone Nymphs- Black, Black/Tan, Tan sz. 6-8, Prince Nymphs – All flavors sz. 12-16, PMD Nymphs  –  Yellow, Pale Yellow Sz. 14-16, Hares Ear Nymphs – Tan, Olive Sz. 14-16, Caddis Dries – Tan, Olive, Black sz 14-16, March Brown Dries sz. 12-14, PMD Dries – sz. 14-16, Big Stoneflies – Salmon Fly type pattern, Black, Orange Belly, Tan Belly sz. 4-6.

Want to do something different? Troutwater Guide, Shane Merritt is currently running Springer trips on the Lower Yakima. Give us a call for the details, Full Day $395.

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May 29, 2011

The Yakima River looks ready to fish this morning. The clarity up in Cle Elum is great, the Farmlands and Lower Canyon is finally fishable. We have run a select few trips over the past week and today we are business as usual. The river is still flowing very fast and high, Please be careful!

The Season is finally here! We will give a full report tomorrow, with results, sections and flies.

May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Summer is here, right? Long 90 degree days, casting big dries tight to the brushy banks until dark. Well almost, not quit yet! We are getting closer everyday though.

Good News – Lots of good fishing right now in Central and Eastern Washington. Fishing in the Basin Lakes and Columbia River has been good for Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Blue Gill, Trout and other species. If you haven’t fished the Basin Lakes or Columbia River for bass you’re missing out, it’s a blast! The Yakima River is starting to settle in especially up in Cle Elum. However, the river is very fast and unsafe for most anglers, please call or stop by the Cle Elum shop before heading out.

Bad News – The fishing up in the Cle Elum area remains tough due to the high fast water. The Farmlands and Lower Canyon still aren’t fishable. Please be careful fishing this weekend stop by or call either shop before heading out. The water is moving way faster than it looks. We will be open all weekend and Monday!

509.962.3474 Ellensburg
509.674.2144 Cle Elum

May 20, 2011

The Yakima River is still not in fishable shape, I wish we could tell you otherwise. Farmlands and Lower Canyon have stabilized but flows are very high and clarity is not good. As of this morning, The Upper River is getting close but not there yet either. It is currently running very fast and still mostly brown in Cle Elum. It shouldn’t be much longer until we are fishing the Yakima, probably next week. If you are looking to fish this weekend, The Basin Lakes would be a great option! The local lakes around Ellensburg are also a good family fun option. They all have been stocked and anglers are catching fish. The weather has been beautiful, nicest week of the year with more to come.

Give the Shops a call for updated reports and conditions:
509.962.3474 Ellensburg
509.674.2144 Cle Elum

May 17, 2011

Well, what are you guys doing this week? Not much going on out here, just a river that’s raging out of control and puking mud all over the valley. Believe it or not the Yakima is on a steep drop and we think we are going to be running trips on Friday. We also think this will be the last major blowout of the year then some great trout and steelhead fishing through the fall! The season is finally here, well the part of the season were Ted actually starts guiding anyways.  I think he’s run about 4.5 trips so far this year, so much for him winning our guide of the year contest. He’s about as fair weather as they get and there is plenty of fair weather on the way.

What to do this week? Stop by and see us. The shops look great with a bunch of new Patagonia, Costa, Nautilus/Lamson/Bauer Reels, Scott/Echo Rods and flies to look at, touch, shake and dream about. Stop by, grab a coffee, talk some fishing, watch a movie, share some photo’s and check it out.

Give us a call for updated river info and conditions. Good or bad, we will give it to you straight!

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Ellensburg 509.962.3474

May 14, 2011

Fishing Report: We had several boats out yesterday and they all reported average fishing for us. Lots of Salmon Flies, Golden Stones, March Browns, PMD’s, BWO’s and Caddis out again yesterday. Mostly a nymphing game again but the nymphing has been steady.

River Report: Unfortunately contrary to other reports the river is going to get worse. Enjoy today because this might be it for a while. The forecast isn’t very angler friendly, calling for heavy rain and flooding. We are running trips today and tomorrow is currently on hold. We will give updates as things unfold.

Call either shop for river reports:
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509.674.2144 Cle Elum

May 11, 2011

***The blockage between KOA and Irene is still a major problem. We went and looked at it today and it’s not good. Hopefully this push of water will help the situation.***

The good news is there are lots of bugs out, March Browns, Blue Wings, Caddis, Golden Stone and Salmon Flies. The weather is good and seems to be back on track. Fishing has remained solid and fish are hungry!

The bad news is we are dealing with a temperamental river again. We would consider the farmlands and lower canyon to be currently out and heading in a worse direction. We will post an updated report tomorrow morning as we keep an eye on river conditions. This will probably be our last push of bad water for the season. Looks like this weekend will be another busy one up at the Cle Elum shop.

Give us a call before you head over. It is day to day for the time being. We will try and get everyone out over the next few days if conditions are good and safe!

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May 9, 2011

Hope everyone had a good Mothers Day yesterday! We’re not going to hide it, this a very important week out here. The forecast predicts great weather for the foreseeable future. Is the river going to hold on? Are we going to get lucky or will we see everyone in June? If you are thinking about fishing the Yakima you might want to come out this week. Weather is going to be in the 70’s and overnight temps are staying cold. Fishing has remained solid over the past week.

May 7, 2011

Fishing Report – Another good day of fishing yesterday! ? 🙂 We had several guide boats out and everyone seemed to report the same amount of smiles (fish). Not just the guides giving us their typical it was epic BS, but their anglers. Reports from the last 2 days have included Golden Stones and Salmon Flies crawling around, stuck in boat anchors and a few flying. We have had several fish try to eat our bobbers while nymphing, probably a good sign of things to come. Did you know that an adult Salmon Fly actually turns into a hummingbird? We are still having a nice March Brown hatch every day about 1:00, from Cle Elum through the Farmlands. We haven’t really been fishing the Lower Canyon much this week.

River Conditions – The lower canyon didn’t get any worse overnight. More green than brown but not looking really fishy. Farmlands to Cle Elum looked very good this morning, a little bit of color but really fishy looking. I would probably fish from Ringer Loop up the next few days.

Fly Shop Summer Hours – Starting Friday May 13 our New Summer Hours for both shops are:

Monday – Thursday        7:00am – 5:30pm
Friday & Saturday     7:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday                 7:00am – 2:00pm

***If you want to meet us at the shop earlier during the summer, just give us a call and we will be happy to meet you.

May 6, 2011

We were just out doing some shuttles and the lower canyon is getting a little dirty. The usual suspects are pushing some mud. It might be a Cle Elum Mothers Day weekend. Just a heads up, its tough to say which way the river is going. Give us a call in the morning for an update!

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Cle Elum Shop – 509.674.2144


May 4, 2011

Great News! The fishing is really good right now on the Yakima River. We have had guide boats out every day and the catching has been really good. What does really good mean? Well, let’s just say there has been plenty of fish to go around. Nymphs and Dries have each produced fish. The shops have been busy with people talking fishing, buying the right flies, fishing them at the right depth, in the right water and catching fish. Flows are good and the weather has finally turned the corner. March Browns have been coming off at 1:00 everyday from Cle Elum through the Farmlands. We have been seeing Blue Wings in the lower canyon. A few Skwala’s are still around, Golden Stones are starting to show up and summertime fishing is just around the corner, come on Caddis and Summer Stones. If you are having a tough time catching out there give us a call or stop by the shops, we are more than happy to help.

Absolutely gorgeous out today, sunny skies and a light breeze. It’s starting to feel like the fishing season around here. Shane picked up his new Fly Pod.  Johnny, Ted and Jim have new boats on the way. Scott is starting to think about Montana. Jason is busy guiding and teaching his CWU fishing classes. YT is here for the summer, no AK this year. Super Randy is busy doing his Super Randy thing! We will be posting our NEW summer hours for the shops soon. I feel like breaking out the BBQ, it’s going to be a great Summer and Fall at Troutwater!

The Fly Fishing Film Tour was a blast Friday Night. It was the place to be, great fun, stories and beers flowing.  We pack the house, standing room only and even Brian O’Keefe showed up. We also want to thank all the reps who generously donated the swag for the raffle. There were a big number of happy raffle winners. Thank you to everyone who was there, we are already starting to plan next year’s event.

April 27, 2011
Huge Fly Fishing showcase this coming up weekend in Ellensburg! The Fly Fishing Fair starts Friday April 29th 11:00am to 5:00pm. Saturday April 30th the Fly Fishing Fair goes from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Come out support the FFF and all ALL the local shops involved. The Fly Fishing Federation is putting on the fair with support from many in the industry. Good dudes for a good cause and the good of the sport. Casting, Fly Tying, Classes, Seminars…the works.

Friday Night a little Ellensburg Fly Shop, you many have heard of…is putting on the Fly Fishing Film Tour at Raw Space in Ellensburg. We did a trial run yesterday and there is some great music and fly fishing footage! Doors open at 6:00pm, Show Starts at 7:30. Rumor has it there will be free stuff at the film show. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

What else is going on, oh yeah fishing is really good right now. Water is down and clarity is great. The weather forecast looks really good for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You probably want to come out and take advantage of it considering the crappy spring we had. See everyone this weekend, it should be a great time.

April 21, 2011

***There is a major blockage at the diversion between KOA and Irene. It is not passable. We recommend not floating this stretch until further notice!!!***

We had boats out yesterday and everyone had positive reports. Good fishing and good river conditions. Water is still high but clarity is much improved. We plan on running guide trips until the next blow out. Unfortunately we aren’t out of the woods yet, one more major blowout and we should be good for the season. Mostly a streamer and nymph game yesterday, we were a little surprised we didn’t see any fish eating dries. Should be a good weekend for fishing, both shops will be open on Sunday 8:30-1:00pm.

April 20, 2011

Johnny and I are back from Mexico. If you followed us on facebook you already know we had a great time, amazing trip! I will posted some photos on our Facebook Page.  Back to the Yakima River and trout fishing for us. We have resumed running guide trips for about a week with a mixed bag of results. Conditions and fishing have been improving daily, river flows are still high but clarity is very good. Looks like we have some decent weather heading our way for the weekend. Hope to see everyone out this weekend!

We have several events coming up:
April 23 – Free Nymphing Clinic, 9:00 am Ellensburg Shop
April 29 – Fly Fishing Film Tour in Ellensburg
April 29-31 – Washington Fly Fishing Fair in Ellensburg

Give either shop a call for updated river reports and information about upcoming events.

April 7, 2011

Upper River – Things above the Teanaway River have improved a bit up river. Clarity is coming back in but the flows are still high. Yakima River in Cle Elum is currently at about 3400 CFS. We actually might have a small window to fish the next few days. Depending on the weather and water releases from the dams, next week things could be rolling. Please note the log jam below the State or East Cle Elum boat launch is still not good. Be very careful.

Farmlands/Lower Canyon – In our opinion its still a no go. Water is high and murky. We’ll downgrade it from Chocolate Milk to Brownish Split Pea Soup. More green than brown but not by much. No Bueno!

Give either shop a call for an accurate river or basin lake reports. We are the only guide service with a fly shop on the upper and lower portion of the Yakima River.

Ellensburg          509.962.3474
Cle Elum              509.674.2144

April 5, 2011

It’s really not getting much better over here, I wish could tell you otherwise. The water looks like Chocolate Milk from Cle Elum down to Roza. There is also a new log jam at the little diversion dam between KOA and Irene. Please be careful once the river drops and clears there will be many new obstacles. I wish we could predict when the conditions will improve. I guess we could always do the Chocolate Milk Club or maybe the Brown Water Club and see who can catch a fish in the darkest water at over 5k CFS at $400 a pop? I can’t wait for summertime  trout fishing and beautiful weather …come on summer! Please give us a call before you head out on the river.

We have been getting really good reports out of the lake crowd. Rocky Ford has also been putting out some nice numbers. All the little lakes around Ellensburg, have been stocked and are a really fun option for the family. Stop by and we’ll send you the right way.

So since we are sick of this weather and the brown water Johnny and I are heading back down to Mexico. Sorry, see ya’ll on the 17th. Jim and boys can handle things until we get back…

March 28, 2011

The skwala dries on the Yakima river have been good some days and not so good others. It seemsdependent on the afternoon weather. If we’re in the uppper 40’s, it happens. We’ve also seen intermittent March brown duns and blue wing olives on the surface. Randy had a period of bwo dry fly fishing on yesterday’s guide trip. Nymphing continues to be most consistent. The Yakima river is greenish/brown below the Teanaway and continues to have reduced clarity downstream towards Ellensburg and in the lower Yakima river canyon areas. The fish seem well acclimated to the poor clarity having been in it for the past three weeks. The water is very clear in the Cle Elum area. We’re excited with the forecasted improvements in weather for this upcoming week.

March 22, 2011

The skwala stones continued to be the most dominate insect on the Yakima River this past week.  We have also seen blue wing olives hatch in the early afternoon.  Most success has been subsurface using a dropper system with a size eight or ten brown and beige color skwala nymph and either a small mayfly nymph or a San Juan worm dropper.  In the afternoon, when the temperatures warm, there have seen adult skwalas on the water surface creating the possibility for some dry fly action.  The adults tend to be more active on the Yakima in the Ellensburg area.  Overall, fishing and catching has been good throughout the river system, despite non-optimal water clarity.  The water flows are great for floating and a little high for wading.  The water clarity is off color starting below the Teanaway River and continuing into the lower canyon.  It seems as if every little tributary through the Kittitas Valley is full with snow melt water.  We expect the dry fly fishing to be great over the next few weeks as the temperatures warm.

March 17, 2011

We had boats out yesterday from Cle Elum to Roza. Tough but good fishing all the way around, mainly a nymph game right now. We had to work very hard for the fish but landed some really nice ones. Water temps are very cold but adults skwala’s are flying around.  Don’t be afraid to throw a dry fly around in the afternoons. The water clarity from Ringer down to Roza looks like split pea soup but still fishable. So if you like split pea soup head to the lower canyon. Shane Merritt guided the canyon yesterday and had a good day despite the water clarity. River clarity is excellent in Cle Elum. Weather  forecast for this weekend looks like spring – snow/rain/sun back to snow/hail/sun!

We posted some new photo’s on Facebook Page – Troutwater Flyshop/Guide Service/Outfitters -.

March 12, 2011

The Yakima River looks good up in Cle Elum this morning. Down in Ellensburg it looks more green than brown, a modest improvement from yesterday. The entire river looks to be fishable this morning. Give us a call if you have any questions or need a shuttle.

March 11, 2011

Its all going to be above the the Teanaway today and probably this weekend. Stop by or call our Cle Elum shop for info and shuttles. . 509-674-2144. Lower Canyon and Farmlands looked a little rough this morning. Looks like the Cle Elum Shop will be Trout Central this weekend. Fishing has remained very good dries and nymphs. We are looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

March 8, 2011

PSST…. between you and I the dry fly fishing is on! Don’t tell anyone because the other guys don’t know yet. But Johnny was out guiding yesterday and they had great nymphing. They saw a fish rise and threw a dry at it and it happened. It did take them a few tries with different patterns to get the fish to eat. And then it was on, for the rest of the day. I asked them how many ate the dry and both just smiled. Dang it! This was the first day we have had like this all year with dry flies.

Weather and conditions will be a factor this week. Please give us a call at either shop and we will send you the right way.

March 7, 2011

This past week was good fishing and a mixed bag of spring weather. We all got out on the river and had a great time with everyone. Thanks for coming out! This upcoming week looks like another mixed bag of weather and river conditions. Same story as before with changing weather and river conditions give us a call or stop by the shops with any questions. We will be out on the river everyday this week.

Pictures from a fun week of fishing are posted on Facebook Page – Troutwater Flyshop/Guide Service/Outfitters

March 4, 2011
Yesterday was another day of great fishing with good weather. It looks like this weekend is shaping up to be very nice over here. The entire river is in great shape and fishing. Yesterday we were nymphing Stoneflies and San Juan worms. We did throw dry flies around for awhile but didn’t get anyone to eat. We were probably fishing a little too high up the river for dries. This weekend may be a different story. Give us a call or stop by either shop for more info.

Matt O’Toole treated himself to an early birthday present this week and went on a trip with Scott Wilson. You have to check out the fish they caught. Beautiful fish! Nice work Matt!

For some photos from yesterday and Matt’s Monster fish Check out our Facebook Page – Troutwater Flyshop/Guide Service/Outfitters –

March 2, 2011
Reports of really good fishing yesterday if you didn’t mind the rain/snow. The entire river is in great shape this morning and looks like it will fish again today. With more snow/rain in the forecast this week everyday will be different. Give us a call before you head over.

Mid-day Fishing Report Update – Holy Smokes! I just got back from running shuttles and you won’t believe what I saw. THE SUN!

Don’t you just love March on the Yakima!

Last Day of Feb 2011

Dang it!

Snowing like a Mo Fo today. Did we jinx it with our positive report yesterday? We haven’t given up on the week yet. We will post whatever happens this week.

Feb 27, 2011

Beautiful day today in Ellensburg, snowed up in Cle Elum. Most of the river is free from floating ice, some shelf ice out there. We have a strong feeling about the upcoming week. We have boats out everyday and will give updates. Nice days and cold nights in the forecast. This could be a good week to be out fishing the Yakima River. Call either shop for updates and river conditions.
Ellensburg Shop – 509.962.3474
Cle Elum Shop – 509.674.2144

Feb. 23, 2011

Cold and snowy in Cle Elm/Ellensburg today. We have cancelled trips for the rest of this week, there’s always next week. Come on warm weather! The fishing and river conditions have been really good when the weather cooperates.

Jason and Jim finished their second week in Mexico, start their 3rd week tomorrow. We are starting to see some photos out of them! I can’t figure out how to post their photos here so go to our Facebook Page to see photos.

Feb. 14, 2011

***There is a major blockage below East (State) boat launch in Cle Elum***

For photo’s please visit our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Troutwater-Guide-ServiceFly-ShopOutfitters/127582407254521?v=wall.

Other than the blockage below East Cle Elum fishing and river conditions have been really good. We want to remind everyone we will be doing $1 Shuttles this weekend Feb 19 and 20. Give us a call with any questions.

Feb 10, 2011

Saturday Feb 19 and Sunday Feb 20 we will be running $1 Yakima River Shuttles through the Ellensburg and Cle Elum Shops. We are very excited about the shops, how the river has been fishing and the great weather we are having. We want everyone who has been thinking about fishing to head our way. How it works: Show up at either shop, fill out the shuttle form, hand us $1 and we shuttle your vehicle.

Don’t have a boat or want someone else to row so you can fish. We are still running our $275 guided trip winter special until April 15th.

Feb 1, 2011
Whats going at Troutwater?

River is dropping into shape, finally. Yakima is still a little rough but with these cold nights and days should be anyday. Everybody here is ready to do some fishing! Winter Specials still going, Yakima River $275 until April 15, 2011. Wenatchee River $375 until the river closes for the season.

Shows are over for us. Jim and Jason are getting ready to leave for Yucatan South Mexico Feb 9-23. Ted, Shane and Johnny leave for Ascension Bay Mexico March 19-27 and April 10-17. 2 spots available for the March 19-27, 7 nights/6 days for $2195. We will be running 2 weeks in Baja Mexico in June, 2 weeks on the Kanektok River Alaska by special permit July and September 2011. We will be floating from the lake to the salt. Scott Wilson will be running trips in Montana for 5 weeks starting the end of June 2011. Super Randy Crimp is in Hawaii doing stuff. YT is YT and doing his YT thing on the Westside getting ready for a busy March. Shane Merritt, well has anyone seen Shane…if you have give us a call?

New product for 2011 is starting to arrive and the shops are filling up. The website is undergoing a facelift and will be fully updated with all trip info soon. Check the In the News links on the home page for current events like the Fly Fishing Film Tour April 29th in Ellensburg!

Jan. 19, 2011
Troutwater is ready for 2011. Tri-Cities Sportsman Show this weekend Jan 21-23, then the Puyallup Sportsmen Show next week Jan 26-30. Followed by 5 weeks in Mexico! We have added several destinations for 2011 and 2012. Visit the website or gives us a call if you want to get away.

February is when fishing usually starts going on the Yakima, so we extended our $275 Winter Special to April 15th. We also extended our Wenatchee River Special $375 until it closes for the season. Same Professional Guide Staff as last year – Johnny Boitano, Jason Boitano, Scott Wilson, Jim Gallagher, Shane Merritt, Ryan White, Randy Crimp and Ted Truglio. What else is new…stop by the shows or the shops to see. Rumor has it Troutwater is offering an amazing show only special.

Troutwater is also excited to bring the Fly Fishing Film Tour to Ellensburg. Friday April 29th @ Raw Space, show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets are $12 in advance through the shops, $15 at the door. We felt the Trout Headquarters of Washington deserved the Fly Fishing Film Tour. This is also the same weekend as the FFF show in Ellensburg.

Here we go!