2010 Reports

December 9, 2010
The weather has become more mild on the East slopes of the Cascades and the Yakima River compared to the cold snap we had in November. The Yakima from Cle Elum downstream through the lower canyon is ice free and in great shape. There is a bit of snow on the ground, but not a big deal. We’ve been having consistent trout fishing typical of the winter using size 18 beadhead nymphs or fishing streamers.

This weekend might be a good time to fly fish the Yakima River as no snow is in the forecast and temperatures should be in the upper 30’s to lower 40’s.

November 24, 2010
The cold weather and snow in Ellensburg has made me a big chicken. We haven’t fished the Yakima River in the past few days. Looking forward to this weekend when the high temperatures will be in the 30’s versus the teens.

November 15, 2010
Fly fishing on the Yakima River can be very good at times. We’ve been having most success with size 18 blue wing olive nymphs as a dropper off a stonefly nymph. A beadhead pheasant tail has been the most consistent nymph pattern on both the canyon section of the Yakima below Ellensburg and on the river in the Cle Elum area. Olive colored streamers fished with a sinking leader has produced some large trout recently. Get out and fish before the snow flies.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our annual river clean-up in Cle Elum. We hauled a few pick-up truck loads of garbage and had a great BBQ at the fly shop in Cle Elum. Looking forward to next year’s clean-up in November, 2011.



Good Nov 1 – Feb 15, 2011. With the short days and cold mornings most trips last 5-6 hour trip. Bring a lunch and we will supply all the fishing gear even waders and boots.

November 2, 2010
The blue wing olive mayfly hatch on the Yakima River has been pretty strong on certain sections. About noon, we’ve been seeing adult BWO’s and feeding trout soon thereafter in both the Cle Elum and Ellensburg sections of river. Nymphing in the morning hours with small pheasant tail type beadhead has been productive. The Yakima River flows are low and the water is very clear. Enjoy the fall fly fishing – it’s a great time of year.

Please consider participating in our annual Yakima River Clean-Up on November 13. We pick up garbage on the upper Yakima River, fish and have a BBQ. Please call the Cle Elum shop or send an email so we know you’re coming. We need boats, rafts, and volunters to walk/wade the river. Thanks – 509/674-2144

October 21, 2010
New water hazard on the Yakima River – a good size tree has fallen across the entire channel below the East Cle Elum (or State) boat launch. Almost impossible to get a boat over it due to the height. Serious lifting is required to get a raft or hard boat over the tree.

On another note, our fly fishing guides reported lots of blue wing olives yesterday in the afternoon on the Yakima River with feeding trout. The October caddis continued to show strong in the evening hours. Good nymphing flies included size 18 pheasant tails or other similar mayfly nymphs. Dry flies were most any BWO pattern that is a size 16 or 18, and size 8 October caddis fished with movement. Cloudy skies are forecasted for this weekend. The blue wing olive hatch might be very good.

October 18, 2010

Check out our Facebook Page – Troutwater Flyshop/Guide Service/Outfitters – Updated photos of the Yakima, Methow, Klickitat and Wenatchee. We are going to have our 1st Monday Night Football and Flying Tying night in the Ellensburg Shop November 1 @ 5:00pm. Please let us know if you plan on attending. We will be having this every Monday Night a game is on.

Yakima River – Whacking’em, Crushing’em, Wrecking’em, Hype! Hype! Hype!…Just kidding not our style. Fishing has been really good. Fall colors are out and the Trout are eating. October Caddis, BWO, Stones and Mahogany Duns are all working. Small beadheads like WD-40’s, Copper Johns, Bloody Marys and Pheasant Tails. Tip – If you are only picking up whitefish this time of the year you are fishing to deep. If you have any questions please stop by or call either shop we are more than happy to help. We will be running a Yakima River special from November 1st through Feb 15th. $275 5-6 hour trip bring a lunch and we will supply everything else.

 Scott Wilson with a nice upper Yakima River cutthroat

Methow River – Doesn’t get any prettier out than the past fews weeks on the Methow. Tougher steelhead fishing than the past couple of years and the fish are making us work for them. We are hooking about 4-6 fish per day and they are hot. Our camp is set up and rolling let us know if you need a place to stay. Flies to try Stones, Egg Patterns, October Caddis, Glo Bugs and Smaller trout type flies. Swing and Skating flies have produced fish as well. Tip – Don’t get locked into one type of fly or set-up, if its not working try something else. Dont forget to fish the entire run including the fast shallow riffles. Trips are going for $475 for a full day trip with lunch and all fishing supplies.

John H. on the Methow

Klickitat River – Has been producing the most steelhead for us but there have been a ton of anglers and boats the past few weeks. Flies to try are Egg Sucking leeches, Stones, Egg Patterns, Glo Bugs, and bigger swing flies. Trips are going for $475 for a full day with lunch and all fishing supplies.

Nate Rothrock on the Klickitat

Wenatchee River – Things have really started to heat up on the Wenatchee. Good numbers and some really big fish over the past week or so. With the higher flows this season don’t overlook the small buckets and “traveling water”. The middle water between the big runs. Swing natural colors has been effective. Nymphing black stones, Egg Patterns, Glo Bugs and Egg Sucking leeches have worked. Trips are going for $475 for a full day with lunch and all fishing supplies.

 Jim and Herb on the Wenatchee

Troutwater Guides:

Johnny Boitano, Jason Boitano, Jim Gallagher, Ted Truglio, Scott Wilson, Ryan White, Shane Merritt, Randy Crimp and Guy Drew want to thank everyone for a great season so far! We really appreciate everyone for sticking with us this year during our transition and we all are looking forward to new things for 2011.

October 14, 2010

Yakima River – When the weather is nice in Cle Elum or Ellensburg, the October caddis are very active on the Yakima River. Good dry fly fishing can be had most of the day. When the weather is on the nasty side, the blue wing olives and other mayflies tend to make a presence. Nymphing size 16 to 18 pheasant tail style flies are productive. The Yakima River flows are stable and low. The water is crystal clear on the upper Yakima.

Methow River – Spoke with Johnny Boitano who has been guiding steelhead on the Methow River every day this past week. All he really said was “it’s on.”

Wenatachee River – Many more steelhead seem to be in the Wenatchee River. It is on the drop from all the rain we had over the weekend and is coming into shape. It’s a good bet for the weekend.

Klickitat River – The heavy rain put the Klickitat River out of shape with very muddy water. We have had a few nice days and hopefully the Klickitat has cleared. I’m headed to the Klick for steelhead this morning to guide for the next three days.

October 3, 2010

Yakima River – Lots of dry fly fishing on the Yakima River this past weekend. The most dominate insect activity has been the October caddis, particularly in the twilight hours. Fishing a size 8 stonefly profile dry fly in orange with movement has been best. We’ve also seen some blue wing olive activity in the late morning. Nymphing pheasant tail type patterns in a size 16 or 18 picked up fish in the morning hours. The water is low and clear with plenty of wade access and easy drift boat fishing in both the Cle Elum and Ellensburg sections of the river.

Methow River – More steelhead are been seen in the Methow. The flows are low and little rain might help move more fish up stream from the Columbia.

Klickatat River – Remains the best bet. The river sees a bit of pressure, but there tends to be enough steelhead to handle the gear and fly fishers.

Wenatchee River – We should be seeing more steelhead in the Wenatchee. We’ll be fishing it a number of time this upcoming week and will update the report when we know more.

September 17, 2010

Yakima – Klickitat – Methow – Wenatchee Rivers!

General River Guide Reports:

Yakima River – Tough to choose which river to fish right now. The Yakima River trout often get overlooked this time of the year with much of the hype going to steelhead. The Yakima has been fishing really well dry flies, streamers and nymphs. Summer Stones and October Caddis have been working the best. See September 15 report below.

Methow River – The Methow is fishing good for trout, slow for steelhead. Swinging has been the most productive method for us. Most of the fish we have seen skating flies have been large trout which can be mistaken for a steelhead. Nymphing trout flies has been working for steelhead. Its still a little early for the Methow steelhead but that can change anyday. A little rain and dropping river temps usually does the trick. Keep in mind that trout fishing is closed below McFarland.

Wenatchee River – We haven’t been hitting it much yet. The days we have been on the river we have been hooking fish mostly on the swing.

Klickitat River – Is by far fishing the best for steelhead. Lots of traffic on the Klick with gear and bait crowd as well as the fly fishing crew. Just about anything goes down on the Klick but thats the way we like it.

Jim with a beautiful Klickitat Steelhead

Go to our Facebook Page – Troutwater Flyshop/Guide Service/Outfitters – To view some recent photo’s and reports. Give us a call at either shop if you need any help or have questions. Ellensburg Shop 509-962-3474 * Cle Elum Shop 509-674-2144.

September 15, 2010
It’s a great time of year to fish the Yakima River!

The water is low and clear. The fish are eager to take most any fly that is presented correctly. We have been having success with summer stones, mayfly patterns, October caddis, brown caddis, crane flies, most any beadhead nymph in a size 14 or 16, and olive colored streamers. Sometimes a little movement on the bigger dry fly patterns is necessary to get the fish to take.

August 26, 2010
The Yakima River has begun to decrease its flow as the summer irrigation season will now rely on stored water in the Naches River drainage. We’ve had some great dry fly fishing with large terrestial patterns over the past weeks and it continued today. The fish are very active throughout the river system including above and below Cle Elum, through Ellensburg, and into the lower canyon. This is a great time of year for the dry/dropper system. Beige, pink, yellow and peacock colored dry flies in a hopper or stonefly profile have worked great. Don’t forget to give the fly a little life with a small twitch. Try a lightning bug or caddis pulpa as a dropper.

August 3, 2010
The consistent stream flows and beautiful summer weather has made for some great fishing on the Yakima River this past week.  The insect theme continues, as in past weeks, to be summer stone flies dominating the twilight hours into the early morning.  There are also good caddis hatches in the mornings and evenings.  The population of grasshoppers and other terrestrials has been growing each day and should continue to strengthen through August.  Fly fishing from a drift boat or raft is critical with the Yakima River flows being three times its normal volume because of irrigation.  There is great weather predicted for the upcoming week, so it should be a good time to fish both the upper Yakima River in the Cle Elum area or in the canyon below Ellensburg.

July 27, 2010
This is a great time of year to fish the Yakima River from a drift boat with the high summer flows and fish eager to take large Chernobyl style dry flies.  The river has fished very good in the early morning and the late evening hours.  The plentiful sunshine and hot temperatures has made fishing the Yakima less productive during the middle of the day.  The excellent early morning and late evening fishing has occured primarily because of significant large hatches of caddis flies and summer stones, particularly on the river downstream from Ellensburg.  While the upper Yakima river in the Cle Elum area does not get these prolific caddis hatches, the summer stoneflies have been active along with an increased population of terrestrial insects.  Streamer fishing with natural colored sculpin patterns has also produced some of the larger fish in the system.  This pattern of fishing should continue through August.

July 20, 2010
The summer flows on the Yakima River are in full force. Wade fishing is on the difficult side with the higher water. Drift fishing is the way to go and we are seeing a fair number of fish on the surface. Caddis, PMD, yellow sallies, summer stones, and general attactors are all productive. Nymphing is also solid with fishing being found off shelves, along deep banks with a walking pace current, and even mid channel if there is a shallow shelf. Streamer fishing has also produced with natural colored sclupin patterns. Love the current full moon and temperatures in the upper 80’s. Fish into dark this week with the bright moon.

Come to Cle Elum this weekend and eat some BBQ, have a beer and listen to music at Pork in the Pines.

July 16, 2010
Lots of caddis activity in the late evenings on the upper and low Yakima River. It’s worth your time to start a little later in the day and fish into dark. Large profile patterns tied with foam in tan to beige colors continue to produce. Nymphing works well when fishing copper johns, price nymphs, yellow sallies and most other beadheads. The flows are up and the water is clear. Drift fishing from boats or rafts tend to be the best option for success.

July 12, 2010
Great past few days in the lower canyon and farmlands through Ellensburg on the Yakima River. Summer stones have been the theme. Stonefly nymphs in a black to brown color sizes 6 to 8 have been productive with most any small beadhead dropper. Lightning bugs, pheasant tails, bloody marys, and sparkle caddis pulpae have all produced. The flows are high but stable and the water clarity on the Yakima is great.

July 7, 2010
Most of the summer flows have arrived on the Yakima River. A bit more volume is expected to occur putting the flows about 3500 cfs. The farmlands and canyon stretches of the Yakima are fishing well with nymphs (caddis pulpae patterns). We’ve been consistent on the upper river with olive streamer patterns and large attractor dry fly patterns such as stimulators. The weather is beautiful and we believe summer is finally here.

June 29, 2010
The Yakima River flows have stabilized and the clarity is very good.

June 23, 2010
The summer flows of the Yakima River are upon us. This past Monday the release of storage water from Lake Cle Elum has occured as the reservoir is at 100 percent storage capacity. The release flow of water is matching the flow of water entering the reservoir. Over the next week, the Cle Elum River flow could get as high as 3500 cfs. The clarity has been off and the fish are wigged-out with the flow change. Give them a few days of stable but high flows and things will be good.

June 15, 2010
We continue to see drakes every day on the upper Yakima River. There are also pale morning duns, a few yellow sallies and salmon flies. Nymphing the Yakima has been most consistent, particularly in the wind blows. Good nymphs are pmd immitations, the prince nymph and cdc pheasant tails. River flows above and below the Teanaway are perfect with good water clarity.

June 10, 2010
Water flows on the Yakima River are good with great clarity above the Teanaway River. It’s slightly green below, but good fishing conditions. Main insect activity includes drakes, PMD’s, yellow sallies, a few salmon flies and golden stones. Nymphing with size 16 prince nymphs has caught fish. Productive dries are big parachute Adams, grey Wulffs, royal stimulators, and royal Wulffs. A size 14 PMD will catch you a salmon smolt with every cast in the afternoons. Nice weather is predicted for this weekend. Should be a good time to hit the Yakima.

June 4, 2010
We have had lots of rain this past week that caused the Yakima River to rise and become off color, particularly below the Teanaway River. The increase in flow is residing and the clarity of the Yakima is improving as of two days ago. Fishing this past week was consistent above the Teanaway River with better water clarity than below the Teanaway. The main attraction this week was the green and gray drake hatches along with pale morning duns and a few golden stones. Suggested patterns to fish are large olive hare’s ears or some other large type of mayfly nymph to immitate the drakes. In the afternoon, switch to a dry fly such as a size 10 or 12 parachute adams, or an attactor pattern. We have had success fishing large attractor patterns like the royal parachute madam X.

Please be aware of a large tree that is across the entire river above the Bullfrog access site. It is reported to span the whole river channel and runs up the far bank 15 feet making is impossible to get a boat or raft around.

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May 26, 2010
The Yakima River is seeing some fair to good caddis action. Caddis in a size 14 or 16 that are brown to tan in color have been most consistent. Successful techniques include using pulpa patterns or soft hackles as a dropper off an attractor dry pattern or on the swing behind a nymph. Fish are also opportunistically taking attractor surface patterns. Other bugs out there include small numbers of golden stones and salmon flies; blue wing olives and pale morning duns; and small crane flies. Enjoy the Memorial day weekend.

May 14, 2010
The recent warm weather has increased the flow of the Teanaway River causing the Yakima River to be a bit off color below its confluence. It is still fishable with decent clarity at this point. The clarity might decrease as the weekend progresses with more warm temperatures predicted. The Yakima River above the Teanaway is low, clear and awesome. Caddis, mayflies, flying ants, a few crane flies, and some golden stone are present. Should be a nice weekend to fish.

Don’t forget about Dave Hughes and Rick Hafele coming to the fly shop on Saturday, 5/15/10, for a workshop on Matching Western Hatches from 1 PM to 5 PM.

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May 11, 2010
The Yakima River continues to have good to outstanding fishing this past week. The windy conditions finally stopped a few days ago and the nice weather is upon us. The river flows are in great shape and the clarity is good throughout the entire system. Yesterday in the upper canyon there were strong hatches of blue wing olives, March brown duns and a funky pale mayfly I could not identify. Only saw a few caddis and new to the hatch scene were the small, yellow crane flies that show this time of year. Lots of feeding fish on the mayflies from 2 PM until 4 PM. The Yakima should fish good this week and into the weekend.

We still have availibilty for the Dave Hughes and Rick Hafele workshop on Matching Western Hatches this coming Saturday from 1 PM to 5 PM. Lunch and drinks are included. Please call the shop to register.

May 3, 2010
The Mother’s day caddis are beginning to become the most dominate insect on the Yakima River. The March brown duns, however, are still being seen in great numbers. There have also been salmon flies, golden stones and blue wing olives on the Yakima throughout the system. The Yakima River flows are at a good level for fly fishing and the river has great clarity in the Cle Elum area. There is a little more discoloration of the water in the Ellensburg area and down stream but it is still very good. We don’t expect much run-off this week with the cool temperatures predicted.

April 28, 2010
The Yakima River is in good shape throughout the system. The upper river in Cle Elum is nice and clear. The farm lands above Ellensburg are also looking good but begin to lose some clarity below town. The small drop in clarity is not much of a problem. Yesterday in the Cle Elum area, we saw a strong hatch of March brown duns and lots of adult salmon flies. There were also blue wing olives and an increasing number of caddis. The Yakima river is currently fishing well.

April 21, 2010
Ed's steelhead 4/19/10The Yakima River above the Teanaway River continues to be low and clear, but sees a lot of traffic because of the muddy water on the lower Yakima. The fishing, however, continues to be productive. We have been seeing golden stones, March brown duns, blue wing olives, salmon fly nymphs (no adults yet).

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April 19, 2010
The warm weather has created run-off from the Teanaway River valley making the Yakima River off color below its confluence. The Yakima River above the Teanaway remains clear and low. As a result, the upper Yakima was a busy place this past weekend. The March brown duns continued to hatch about 1 PM and lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. We have also been seeing golden stones and salmon fly nymphs are begining to migrate towards shore.

The weather forecast for this upcoming week predicts cooler over night temperatures and daytime highs in the 50’s. This should curb the snow melt somewhat making the Teanaway less of a factor. We expect a good week of fishing with many different insects being active.

April 15, 2010
For the second week, there has been a mid week flow increase of the Yakima River. The release of storage water is to promote movement of salmon smolt and kelting steelhead out of the upper Yakima. It also assists with fish passage of Roza dam. Expect the mid week bump in flow to continue for a few more weeks until the Yakima River enters typical spring run-off. It appears that the flow has returned to it’s normal level today. We continue to see lots of March browns hatching about 1:30 PM providing some great dry fly fishing.

April 12, 2010
The upper Yakima River is fishing very well. There have been good to excellent hatches of March brown duns in the afternoons. Nymphing is consistent in the morning hours with pheasant tails to immitate the March brown dun nymphs. Now is the time to fish the Yakima.

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April 9, 2010
John - March2010We continued to have winter like conditions in the Cle Elum area on the Yakima River this past week. Yesterday a few inches of snow fell. The Yakima River flows are low and clear at this time. There was a bit of discharged water from the Lake Cle Elum that bumped the flow up a few days ago. But things are back to normal. Despite the wintery conditions, hatches of blue wing olives and March brown duns have occurred in the afternoon. We have also been seeing skwala stone fly adults on the water. The weather is suppose to be nice with temperatures in the low 50’s and sunshine. This should strengthen the mayfly hatches for some pretty good fishing.

April 4, 2010
The recent winter storm has included everything from high winds to a few inches ofYakima Cutthroat snow in Cle Elum. The Yakima river flow, however, has been mostly unaffected by the storm. The March brown dun hatch is getting stronger and stronger every day. The skwala stones are still present and the fish are feeding on them. The best fishing tends to be in the afternoon and evening hours once the day time temperatures reach their highest levels. Successful flies this past week have included the pheasant tail nymph and prince nymph. Good dry flies have been the parachute pheasant tail and most any skwala adult pattern. Overall, fishing is good and we are having a great spring.

March 24, 2010
The Yakima River continues to be in optimal shape from Cle Elum through the lower canyon below Ellensburg. The skwala stone adults along with the March brown duns in the afternoon are the featured presentation on most days. Our advice is to get out and fish.

March 19, 2010
The March brown duns showed up a few days ago on the Yakima River in the Cle Elum area. Warm temperatures in the afternoon plus skwalas and Marchies brown equals good dry fly fishing.

March 17, 2010
Dry fly fishing on the Yakima River is really good! The conditions need to be right, however, with warm tempertures, mid-afternoon, and not too much wind. Blue wing olives and skwala stones. That’s about it.

March 12, 2010
Despite the semi-wintery conditions, fishing on the Yakima River remained steady this past week. The likelihood of fish on the dry fly was stronger around Ellensburg than Cle Elum. The upper Yakima River fished good with skwala stone fly nymphs, pheasant tails, and San Juan worms; while the Ellensburg stretch of the Yakima fished good with skwala adults on top. Even though fishing has been good this past week, we expect fishing to improve over the weekend with the temperatures increasing and less chance of precipitation. The river flow is perfect and the clarity is good.

March 4, 2010
The Yakima River through the Cle Elum area is slightly up and a little off color. Not to worry as it is still very fishable and catching is consistent. There have been adult skwala stoneflies on the water with the warming of the day. Even some Mayflies today. No reason not to fish this weekend.

February 22, 2010
The water temperature on the upper Yakima River is close to 40 degrees and the flow is low and clear. Despite the overwhelming amount of sunshine in Cle Elum the past few days, the air temperatures still feels cold. We have had good success on our guide trips both on the upper Yakima River and through the farmlands around Ellensburg. Nymphing has been about 100% of our fishing technique with a very simple set-up, a brown size 8 stonefly to represent a skwala nymph with a dropper. We have had fish eat a pink San Juan worm or a pearl color midge larva immitation as the dropper. When the fish become stubborn, nymphing a streamer could elicit a take. We have not seen any adult skwalas yet, but they should show within the next few weeks. Lots of midges on the surface. The general feeling is that the season is at least two weeks early.

Check out our March Yakima River Guide Service Special on the link to your right. We have availabilty during the first two weeks of the month. Fishing should be good with the predicted weather pattern of cloudy skies with mild overnight temperatures and highs in the 50’s.

February 8, 2010
Now is a pretty good time to fish the Yakima River as the weather is mild and the trout are readily eating stoneflies. Lots of success this weekend with a size 8 brown stonefly fished under an indicator. The feeling is that we will have an early year with the skwala fishing ahead of the typical time by a few weeks.

Take advantage of our March special of a full day guided fly fishing trip on the Yakima for two anglers at $225 for the boat. We usually run this special during the Fly Fishing Show in Bellevue. With the show not taking place this year, just give us a call and we’ll get you scheduled for what is typically one of the best fishing months of the year.

February 5, 2010
The Yakima is low and clear with hardly any snow in the area. Water temperatures are decent with lots of midge activity on the upper river. Nymphing with stone fly and small beadheads will be your best bet. Get out and fish while the weather is so mild.